Staff spotlight | Bianca Scott

Bianca is Mark Hamawi’s niece and our new ‘Girl Friday’ who works Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 2-5pm at the Trak Office in Varsity Lakes. She is 18 years of age and has grown well beyond her years.

You may have heard, via media, that Bianca has been battling a disease called aHUS, an incurable, life threatening blood disorder that can attack the kidneys and cause kidney failure. Bianca has had a pretty tough time of it recently and there was a massive community effort to pay for the medicine she needed to save her life and prevent her kidneys from failing.

What was really amazing was that after the last drop of family and community fundraised-funds ran out, the pharmaceutical company jumped in and provided medicine for Bianca on compassionate grounds, which lasted until the government started subsidising the medicine for people with aHUS under attack from the disease. Bianca was a very lucky girl and, along with the 60-70 other Australian’s also living with the disease, she is very grateful that the medicine is now subsidised.

Bianca is now getting back into being a teenager again, however her views on what are important are now very different to your average teenager. She says, “Never take anything for granted. Your health is your wealth. If you don’t have it, you don’t have anything!” She also mentioned a need to “do what really matters at any one time as you can’t wait for anything!” Wise and inspiring words from such a young lady.

Before this recent flare up of the disease Bianca was on track to pursue fashion design, having won a scholarship to Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia in 2013. She is now unsure if she will continue down that path as she has seen many others suffering in hospital and now has an inner urge to pursue something to help sick people. For the time being Bianca is enjoying the supportive environment at Trak Accountants working with her Uncle Mark and Aunty Gail helping out with office work and reception.

Bianca would like to send a bit shout out to all the Trak Accountant clients who signed the petition to the Federal Government and supported her fundraising campaigns. “A massive thank you!” says Bianca.

Drop in and say “hi” to Bianca next time you’re in Varsity Lakes.

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