September 23, 2015

We’ve seen quite a bit of confusion recently around whether renting out a room in your primary residence counts as declarable income to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Guidelines that are available on this topic tend to be rather difficult for the layperson to decipher, leading to many incorrect claims – whether people declaring incomeRead More »

July 10, 2015

Capital gains tax is a tax on the ‘profit’ from having decided to buy, and later sell an investment. If you don’t make a gain, then there’s no tax to pay, and potentially the loss you made has to be held on record in your tax return. The way capital gains works for individuals isRead More »

June 19, 2015

Introduction to property investment: an informative seminar by local accounting, finance and legal professionals. Hosted by Trak Accountants We have been talking about a seminar series for some time now, so we’re really pleased to be kicking it off with this seminar. One of the most exciting things about this seminar is that we’ve been able to secureRead More »