June 4, 2017

The 2017/2018 Budget provides some interesting changes that could affect people with investment properties if the recommended modifications become legislation over the next few months. Minor changes have been suggested to negative gearing, incentives have been increased to encourage property owners to provide affordable housing, and some of the infrastructure funding could offer substantial propertyRead More »

Does your business employ foreign workers? If you do, or you’re considering doing so, changes to work visa legislation in the 2017/2018 Budget could affect you heavily. There are a number of modifications on the cards, including more restrictions on who can get a visa, increased costs for applying and sponsoring visas, and new annualRead More »

June 15, 2016

Are you in the building and construction industry?  Do you know that you need to report detailed information to the ATO about all the building and construction contractors you have paid each year?  No?  Well read on…. I’ve noticed that many business owners in the building and construction industry are not yet aware that theyRead More »

May 9, 2016

Superstream is a national, electronic superannuation payments system that replaces a number of other payment options that were available around Australia. With one consolidated solution for all employers, the ATO hopes to streamline superannuation payments and ensure that all employees get their entitlements as required by law. While large employers were required to get onRead More »

April 21, 2016

A common question for businesses needing some work done is: should we employ a new person, or simply contract the workout? The answer isn’t a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’, as it depends heavily on your business, the work to be done, and the person who might be doing the work. What’s the difference? Put veryRead More »

October 11, 2015

A popular method of avoiding taxation in the past has been to buy a property, build or renovate, live in the residence for twelve months (satisfying the appearance of ‘primary place of residence’), then selling the property – and buying another property to repeat the cycle. This takes advantage of exemptions to capital gains taxRead More »