October 20, 2017

Although E-Tax and Tax Pack are available, a large number of taxpayers in Australia commit mistakes at the end of financial year when they do their tax return. If you feel like you don’t have the experience or expertise to lodge your own return, you should consider investing in the services of a Tax Agent.

May 9, 2016

A couple of months ago, we published a blog post on the benefits of tax planning. Today, we’d like to take that topic out of the theoretical and into the practical, by sharing a case study on one of our clients and how they benefited from tax planning. Introducing the Nathaniel Group Directed by AdrianRead More »

March 2, 2016

Tax planning can have some great benefits for any business, large or small. It involves evaluating the business’s current financial situation, estimating probable profit or loss for the next quarter, and drawing up strategies to minimise tax while maximising the value of the business. Save tax. The main objective in tax planning is to reduce the amountRead More »

September 23, 2015

Businesses have always been able to use depreciating assets as tax deductions. However, the government has now simplified the rules so that it’s easier for small businesses to take advantage of these deductions. They’ve made it possible for small businesses to write off depreciating assets in one fell swoop, rather than at a set percentageRead More »

July 10, 2015

Tax planning has been around for a long time amongst accountants, as a tool to put businesses in the best possible financial position prior to the end of the financial year, but for one reason or another it is rarely offered to small businesses. We see tax planning as an essential tool for our business clients.Read More »